Dalyan Caretta Caretta Tour

Tour Duration : 8 Hours

Adult Price : 0 GBP

Child Price ( 5-12 Age ) : 0 GBP


Dalyan Tour

With the Dalyan - Caretta Caretta Beach Tour, different architectural structures from the past to the present and cultural texture have been handled in Dalyan. From anywhere in the world and Turkey  Turkish and foreign tourists  when it comes to summer holidays to show an intense interest. These special areas that have not lost their naturalness together with the solid architectural structures that are still standing are definitely worth seeing. You  can contact us immediately for a Dalyan tour to visit the wonderful places in this region and experience the exquisite beaches  .

 Sultaniye thermal springs, which can be accessed by lake boats , offer   both physical and spiritual relaxation with the pleasure of a sulphurous pool .


Moreover, with the  lake and the sea  side by side, you   can also get the chance to see the Caretta Caretta varieties.

Dalyan Caretta Caretta Beach,  which offers a wonderful pleasure with the lake view on one side and the sea view on the other,  gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sun to the fullest. In this wonderful coastal area, which is approximately 4.5 kilometers long, you can enjoy the sun in the best way, while enjoying the sea and the blue reflected by the sun.

While experiencing the magnificent cultural texture and architectural structure of the Dalyan Region, you can also get a great comfort within the scope of special mud baths and magnificent thermal springs, and you can have the chance to visit many more historical spots in this special place, which has a great history of 2500 years. Also,   seeing Dalyan caretta caretta creatures will give you a wonderful moment.

You can see caretta carettas in special spawning areas, especially in the coastal region called turtle beach, and you can witness this magnificent naturalness. As the lake and the sea are side by side along this beach, there is a specially purified area for sea turtles to lay their eggs. You can take photos of these animals that lay eggs at different times as part of the tour. At the same time, even when the return road is taken, the tour is not considered to be finished yet.

By going to blue crab fishing boats  , you will have the chance to see the caretta turtles in the Dalyan Caretta Caretta Beach   area in a better way. You can contact us immediately for a special tour that you will never forget and will always tell. We are giving you an unforgettable day within the scope of the tour we will carry out with its magnificent nature, exquisite visual views where green and blue meet together. Moreover, Turkey can do so at very reasonable prices and the perfect beach every point of this, you can perform with your loved ones without breaking your budget.


Our passage through the Dalyan River , which turns into a natural labyrinth of reeds, is  one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip. With our boat  , we pass by the  Kaunos Rock Tombs and provide historical and geographic information about the region  .

  • Dalyan Tour; It is located within the Dalyan region and Iztuzu Beach. The activity lasts until the evening. An extremely entertaining program awaits our guests going to the region.
  • Our trips are done with a guide.
  • All guides have special certificates and have high experience.
  • Before the tour, everyone is informed by professional guides about the natural life in the region, the history of the ancient city of Kaunas, and the importance of Caretta Caretta turtles in the region.
  • Guide
  • Transfer
  • Mud bath entrance fee
  • Boat trip
  • Open buffet lunch
  • Iztuzu Beach entrance fee,
  • If desired, the cost of the tape taken from the shooting made during the tour,
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks belong to the guest.