Fethiye 12 Islands Boat Trip

Tour Duration : 8 Hours

Adult Price : 0 GBP

Child Price ( 5-12 Age ) : 0 GBP


Fethiye 12 Islands Tour

Our Fethiye 12 Islands Tour  route  offers an exquisite 6-hour route  by bringing together beautiful places . You can enjoy it both while meeting the water and on the deck; the choice is always yours! We can easily say that it is one of the best boat tours in the region.

Discover Islands with Fethiye 12 Islands Tour

The 12 Islands boat tour is one of the favorite daily tour options of Fethiye for local and foreign tourists   and the main reason for this is the beautiful natural sections to be seen during the journey, as well as the entertainment and services on the boat.

Fethiye boat tour  offers a great opportunity to sail to the quieter swimming spots than the crowded beaches on the hottest days of summer. So when you are one of the lucky tourists on the deck, you will easily get away from the crowd, the noise and the race to grab a sunbed.
It takes you to rare places that you cannot see by land transportation. Since the stops on the route are called "islands", you can easily reach places where only those with a private boat can open.
This boat tour is suitable for solo, couple, crowded group or families. In other words, you can be sure that no matter who you are on holiday in Fethiye, everyone will have pleasant moments.
In short,  Fethiye 12 Islands Tour You have many reasons to be a guest. Our advice is that you do not miss this special opportunity and be our guest!

Places to go with 12 Islands Boat Tour

We bring to your eyes a completely natural paradise that you can see here by stopping by the small fishing beach of Tavşan Island, accompanied by a boat tour of 12 islands within a certain route. At the same time, Gocek Island, which stands out as a hidden paradise and receives great demand from every corner of the world during the summer months, is presented to you among the must-see bays. In addition,   as one of the 12 islands tour islands of Fethiye , it is also possible to stop by Yassica Island, and by approaching to the shore under a private boat tour, it is possible to swim for those who do not know how to swim and children. In this way, everyone can get the chance to enjoy the sea in the best way in shallow places with their family.

We offer you the opportunity to swim by showing you this wonderful spot, especially by visiting the aquarium bay, which has a turquoise crystal blue color. Red Island,  which takes its name from the stone and the redness of its soil  , will also give you a complete eye bath. You can see and visit this island, which has a wonderful view, in detail in a pleasant way. Moreover, we offer you the opportunity to have a pleasant meal under the magnificent view of the vast sea with salads prepared with wonderful natural plants within the scope of various fish and various foods of the region we offer you during the day.

A Day You Can't Forget

You can make  this moment together with your loved ones in the most wonderful way within the scope of our organization of 12 islands tour organization where you will have a full time and enjoy every minute  . Moreover, thanks to these options we offer at the most affordable prices, you can see each of the 12 islands on a specific route, get the chance to swim in different bays and islands, and enjoy the sun on our private boats at different points.

  • The tour starts at 10:30 and ends at 18:00 and 18:30. An exciting activity awaits you on this day, which lasts for seven hours and you will enjoy the sea in turquoise waters. Guests from Fethiye will be picked up from their accommodation at 09:30. Guide, weather, road, social, natural, technical, etc. may make changes in the program due to compelling reasons.
  • Pick-up service from the hotel or accommodation center,
  • Insurance price,
  • Lunch - a choice of fish, chicken and meatballs, salad and fruit,
  • Professional captain's fee,
  • Tour fee,
  • Transfer service from the hotel to the boat and from the boat to the hotel,
  • Beer, coke, etc. on the boat. sales are made.