Fethiye Tuesday Market and Kaya Village

Tour Duration: 8 Hours

Adult Price: 0 GBP

Children (5-12 Years): 0 GBP


Fethiye Tuesday Market (Bazaar) and Kayakoy

Fethiye Tuesday Market Kayakoy  round in each other's regions with different natural products are the most delicious and contain a combination of different plants at the Fethiye market, even if all parts of the world, Turkey stands at the beginning of the most tourist areas.  This is a special day, held on Tuesday, which is the largest open-air market in the region. Moreover, when the summer months come, it receives intense demand. You  can visit this  magnificent market for hours and find different items you have never seen before. In this regard,   we are proud to offer a pleasant opportunity within the scope of Fethiye Tuesday Market Kayaköy tour .

 This market becomes more colorful with many people flocking not   only to  Fethiye but from all over the region . At the same time,  Fethiye Tuesday Market Kayaköy tour  stands out as one of the most interesting tourist spots. Especially in this market, high-quality products from textile products to souvenirs are offered to holidaymakers and local people every Tuesday. Thanks to this special market, where very affordable prices are also provided, you can also obtain the most special plants of the region.

The Opportunity of Making a Pleasant Touristic Market with Fethiye Tuesday Market Kayaköy Tour 

While you can obtain many different and rich products, you can also take a touristic trip within the scope of this market. We give you the opportunity for approximately two and a half hours and in this context, we allow you to visit the market to your heart's content. At the same time,  you will find the opportunity to visit this Kayaköy , which is under a completely natural structure, within the scope of the  Fethiye Tuesday Market Kayaköy tour .

In particular, Kayaköy ancient Greek houses will give your eyes a bath under their magnificent historical image. While visiting this special village, which smells of history, you can also have the opportunity to have an oxygen-rich and mind-opening holiday. In this context   , you can contact us immediately to make the Fethiye Tuesday Market Kayaköy tour and live to the fullest.

Moreover, if you wish, within the scope of this beautiful village, you can evaluate your lunch under the extraordinary view of ancient Greek houses and get unforgettable photos and videos.

You Can Enjoy Fethiye's Market and Kayaköy With The Market

When the summer months come to the fore as one of Turkey's most important tourist attractions of Fethiye, Fethiye market or you can perform a pleasant shopping visiting the market held on Tuesdays. Within the scope of this special tour, which we organize directly for this purpose, you can buy very suitable clothing options together with different souvenirs and plants of the region,  while you can also discover the architectural structures and cultural textures while visiting this magnificent village with the  Fethiye Tuesday Market Kayaköy tour .

Kayaköy, formerly known as Levissi, is one of the most important places for a purely touristic cultural trip, as it has merged quite a lot of architectural structures with each other since ancient times. Moreover, there are many churches, chapels and old Greek houses from different periods.

You can visit all these points in a pleasant way, and you can have a wonderful tour with your family at very reasonable prices within the scope of special offers we offer you. You can also stroll through the narrow and charming streets of this village and take photos and video them to capture an immortal moment.

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