Kaya Village Transfer

Kayaköy is an old Greek village with a historical and cultural texture in the Fethiye district. To reach Kayaköy, we generally have private transfer services from Dalaman Airport as Mycheap Transfer company. Daily tours from Fethiye to Kayaköy are also widely preferred. Kayaköy has a remarkable atmosphere, especially with its abandoned and unrestored houses. This village, which contains original examples of Greek architecture, offers visitors the opportunity to take a historical journey. Kayaköy is known for its sad atmosphere despite its rich history. One of the most popular places in the village is the church ruins. Since Kayaköy was once a place where the Greek Orthodox community lived, it hosted several churches. Saint George Church stands out as the best preserved church in Kayaköy. Other church ruins are also of historical and architectural interest. Kayaköy also attracts attention with its natural beauty. Nature walks around the village offer a pleasant experience among olive groves and pine forests. Additionally, cafes and restaurants in the village offer traditional Turkish cuisine, allowing visitors to try local flavors. With its historical atmosphere, natural beauties and cultural riches, Kayaköy is a quiet getaway or an unforgettable visit spot for history enthusiasts.

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