Dalyan Tour: Explore Caretta Caretta Beach and Historical Heritage

Dalyan tour is one of the most enjoyable activities in Dalyan, which is full of different architectural structures and cultural textures from past to present. During the summer months, domestic and foreign tourists from all over the world and from Turkey show great interest in this special place for a holiday. Robust architectural structures still standing and these special areas that preserve their naturalness are definitely worth seeing.

By reaching Sultaniye Hot Springs by lake boats, you can find the opportunity to relax both physically and spiritually in the sulfur pools. Dalyan tour continues by stopping by Caretta Caretta Beach. Thanks to its non-deepening feature, children and adults can enjoy the sea with great comfort at long distances. Moreover, thanks to the fact that the lake and the sea are side by side, you can see the Caretta Caretta varieties.

Dalyan Caretta Caretta Beach offers a great pleasure especially with lake view on one side and sea view on the other. In this wonderful coastal area, which is approximately 4.5 kilometers long, you can enjoy the sun in the best way, while you can swim in a pleasant way on the sea and the blue reflected by the sun. While discovering the magnificent cultural texture and architectural structure of the Dalyan Region, you can get great comfort with its private mud bath and magnificent spas. You can have the chance to visit many historical spots in this special place, which has a great history of 2500 years.

During the Dalyan tour, you can see Caretta Carettas in special spawning areas in the coastal area, also known as turtle beach. You can experience this magnificent naturalness in person. Since the lake and the sea are side by side along this coast, there is a specially cleared area for sea turtles to spawn. You can take photos of these animals, which lay eggs at different times, as part of the tour. After the Dalyan tour, you can get a better view of the caretta turtles in the Dalyan Caretta Caretta Beach area by taking the boats that hunt Blue Crabs.

Kaunos Rock Tombs is one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip while we are crossing the Dalyan River. You can get historical and geographical information about the region by passing by the Kaunos Rock Tombs by boat. Dalyan tour also continues with the canal tour with private boats. You can observe the natural beauties and wildlife of the region closely by passing through the Dalyan River, which turns into a natural labyrinth formed by the reeds.

During the Dalyan tour, your tour guide will give you information about the region and allow you to discover the historical and natural beauties. At the end of the tour, you can relax in the restaurants where you can taste the delicious food of the region.

Dalyan tour is a great opportunity to discover historical and natural beauties in one of Turkey's most beautiful coastal areas. Thanks to this tour, you can have an unforgettable holiday experience by both resting and learning new things.

What's Included During the Tour

Departure - Return Transfers, Lunch, Professional Guidance, Tour Insurance Fee

Extras During the Tour

All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, Tea, coffee and other hot drinks, Transfer and expenses up to the point where a late passenger can reach the tour departure point are the passenger's responsibility.


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Dalyan Tour
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