Oludeniz ( Butterfly Valley ) Boat Trip

Tour Duration: 8 Hours

Adult Price: 0 GBP

Children (5-12 Years): 0 GBP


Oludeniz ( Butterfly Valley )Boat Trip

 If you want to experience an unforgettable day by visiting wonderful spots, seeing the uniquely beautiful  landscapes of  Fethiye and greenery together with Oludeniz Boat Tour,  contact us immediately.
In our fully equipped boats  , we offer you an unforgettable pleasure from 11:00 to 18:00 in the  morning  . Within the scope of this exquisite tour consisting of 6 stops as  close, there will be no place you have not seen with the Oludeniz boat tour in Fethiye region  . The most beautiful routes  with the right plan and program, accompanied by our captain who knows the region very well and our   talented staff .  is waiting for you. All the possibilities you can think of in this tour are offered to you in our boats in the best way.

Within the route we have determined for you, you can allow a more pleasant pass of the day within the scope of our food and beverage services and aperitif options. You can choose from chicken, salad and fish, as well as meatball and rice options at different times. While tasting the natural foods of the region, you can enjoy a delicious time that suits your taste buds with your loved ones.

Oludeniz Boat Tour with Magnificent Points, respectively

With this tour, we firstly stop by the Blue Cave and let you witness this perfect naturalness. You can take photos during a special time we will spend here and you can enjoy an unforgettable time by looking at its magnificent visuals. The subsequent ranking under Turkey's most well known and you can visit the maturity butterfly is one of the places in the world still live. We give you a special time to explore this place in detail, and give you the opportunity to live to the fullest.
Then we offer you the opportunity to swim in the aquarium bay in order to enjoy the sun and the blue in the best way possible. Oludeniz Boat Tour, while enjoying the magnificent crystal view of Fethiye, you can enjoy the sun in this accommodation in the best way. Likewise, St. Nicholas Island is also waiting for you. In this special spot, where many different architectural structures and cultural textures from the past to the present are mixed, you can also get the opportunity to make a wonderful touristic trip.

While you can easily visit many different points you can think of within the scope of Oludeniz Boat Tour, you can completely get rid of the intensity of the city and the tiredness it brings, and spend an unforgettable day alone or with your friends and family. There will be no unseen place in Oludeniz with these special boats, all of which have been fully equipped.

You can swim in the wonderful spots of Ölüdeniz

In the continuation of this magnificent Oludeniz Boat Tour, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy the sea to the fullest by stopping at many different points to swim. Camel Beach, which has a particularly large area, allows you to enjoy the sun, sea and sand to the fullest. With a magnificent view under the clear sea and the surface reflected by the sun's rays, you can sunbathe or have the chance to swim as much as you want. At the same time, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy swimming here by making a stop at the cold water bay.

  • The tour starts at 11:00 and ends at 17:30. An exciting activity awaits you on this day, where you will enjoy the sea in turquoise waters throughout the day. Guests from Fethiye will be picked up from their accommodation at 09:30. Guide, weather, road, social, natural, technical, etc. may make changes in the program due to compelling reasons.
  • Pick-up service from hotels,
  • Insurance price,
  • Fish or chicken-based meal, salad and fruit,
  • Tour fee,
  • Return service from the office to the hotel,
  • Beer, coke, etc. on the boat. sales are made.