Oludeniz Sunset Cruise

Tour Duration: 6 Hours

Adult Price: 0 GBP

Children (5-12 Years): 0 GBP


Oludeniz Moonlight Tour

Both day and night  view of Oludeniz is  truly one of the rarest moments in the world that is worth seeing. Of course, if you want to turn this into a romantic situation and have a more special moment with your loved one, then the  Oludeniz moonlight tour  will be great for you. We  provide you this in a pleasant way with our private boat tour to refresh your love and catch the romantic atmosphere you want.

Accompanied by our open buffet food and dinner, we also provide this within the scope of the most delicious and special, fresh foods of the region. While the sun disappears behind the mountains with the most desired redness, you can evaluate them and comfortably say what you want to say in these magnificent times when romance is at its peak. Thanks to our private boat tour that gives you the opportunity to witness one of the most romantic views in the world, you can experience the magnificent view of Oludeniz under wonderful waves.

Oludeniz moonlight tour is  a fully livable tour

Within the scope of this option we have realized within the scope of your special route, you can witness the sunset with the naked eye while visiting the most wonderful spots of Oludeniz and turn it into a completely romantic one. Of course, after the wonderful moonlight boat tour,   you can get the opportunity to take the romantic moments that you will live in the scope of the music with the fire burning in the wide and clean beach of Oludeniz to a higher level.

Moreover, you can make this much more special with the drinks we offer you with this campfire.  Oludeniz moonlight tour  is in a completely calm and peaceful environment, you will watch the magnificent sunset of Oludeniz with your loved one.

You can witness the magnificent sunset of Oludeniz with your loved ones

You can witness the disappearing sunset behind the mountains while traveling in warm weather on our most exclusive and luxurious boats. At the same time, you can get the opportunity to live the romance at the extreme points, within the romantic music with the campfire that will be lit on the beach. You can enjoy the special sunset with your friends or family within the scope of the Oludeniz moonlight tour. You can realize this special time at very reasonable prices. You can get the opportunity to take the romantic moments you will live within the scope of the music to a higher level with the fire burning in the wide and clean beach of Oludeniz .

  • The tour starts at 17:00 and ends at 20:00.
  • An exciting activity awaits you on this day, which lasts for three hours and you will enjoy the sea in turquoise waters.
  • Guide, weather, road, social, natural, technical, etc. may make changes in the program due to compelling reasons.
  • The tour starts with a boat departing from Ölüdeniz.
  • You watch the sunset while sipping your drink and then you reach the Blue Cave.
  • By swimming in the sea at sunset in Ölüdeniz, you leave your stress, which has been accumulated for a whole year, into the blue waters. .
  • Witness the most romantic sunset of the Mediterranean accompanied by music in the middle of the sea.
  • Listen to the sound of silence for a few hours in the moonlight, with the sparkles of the sparkles.
  • The evening and the sea.
  • Experience with us the feeling of looking at the setting sun from the middle of the sea.
  • You will see how all your tiredness fades away while enjoying the magnificent view.
  • Swimming in "Cold Water Bay", where cold spring water mixes with sea water and surface water is cold and ground water is hot (don't say how is that!), St. We offer a great opportunity to explore the mysterious ruins of Nicholas Island, to climb to the highest point of the island, to watch the unique view, to see the sunset and to take lots of pictures.
  • Sunset ; It awaits you with a magnificent evening accompanied by music.
  • Drop off service to hotels,
  • Insurance price,
  • Professional guide fee,
  • Tour fee,
  • If desired, the cost of the tape taken from the shooting during the tour belongs to the guest.
  • All alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are sold on the boat.
  • Tea, coffee and other hot drinks are chargeable.
  • The transfer and expenses up to the point where a late passenger can reach the tour exit point are the responsibility of the passenger.