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Rhodes Tour - Rhodes Fetibot Ticket

What Do You Say To Go On Vacation To A Different Country On The Same Day?

How would you like to spend an unforgettable day on Rhodes Island with 3 different harbors  ? If you are one of those who want to go to another country on the same day and make an international trip, the  Rhodes Tour is  just for you. Also known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, there was the Statue of Kalossos, or  Rhodes  . The statue, located in the port of Mandra, collapsed due to earthquakes, and now the statue has been replaced by a lantern.

The easiest way to visit Rhodes Island properly is to   take advantage of the Rhodes Ferry Ticket services. You also  Rhodes Tickets to  enjoy the island by providing, you can benefit from the unique to the island most beautiful venues explore.

Places to visit in Rhodes Island

Rhodes, the largest of the 12 island teams, is of a nature that will fascinate those who see it not only with its nature but also with its history. While visiting the island, you will have an economic shopping advantage by examining the traditional products made by the inhabitants of the island as well as enjoying both the view and the history.

 Thanks to the Rhodes Ferry Ticket you can purchase through our company,  it is possible to reach the island very easily. If you wish, you can also buy a round-trip open ticket for the same day, so you can determine your return time yourself, according to the time you spend on the island. In this way, your trip will not be interrupted.

Seven Springs is one of the most special places where you will fully feel the fascinating atmosphere of Rhodes . The region with a cool air draws attention with its natural beauty. In this region, you will also have the advantage of swimming in the most beautiful beaches of the island.

If you want to see a true oasis in the Mediterranean, you can reach the lake in Seven Springs through a 186-meter tunnel. With the Fethiye Rhodes Tour  , you can also historically have the opportunity to eat. Lindos Ancient City has an excellent potential at this point. Lindos is located approximately 45 km from the center of Rhodes, with its magnificent bays and historical ruins. If you wish, you can imagine the magnificence of the ancient city from the observation terrace, or you can get lost in the legendary view of the bays right under the observation deck.

Another stop on the Rhodes Island Tour is Kalithea. Kalithea is known as a Spa center built by Italians. In Kalithea, you come across a sea of ​​legendary clarity as well as a clean beach. In addition to all these, it is one of the special places that is a favorite of not only tourists but also locals with the magnificent baths in the region. While the island is known for its unique beaches, the most famous of them is Tsambika. This beach is wider and longer than other beaches on the island.

The beach is touristic with its calmness. With the Rhodes Fethiye Tour  , you can enjoy these beauties throughout the day. For this, you can also obtain an online ferry ticket on our website. For visitors who are keen on water sports, Faliraki is a must-see beach. The beach is also  among the most important beaches of Rhodes . The beach, with a unique green area behind it, offers more than just the sea and the sun. You can find everything you are looking for in the nightclubs and restaurants, especially behind the beach.

Discover Ancient Cities

Filerimos is a very interesting area for those who want to see the artifacts and ruins from the ancient Byzantine period on site. In Filerimos, it is possible to see artifacts not only from the Byzantine period, but also from the Knights' period.

The island, which also has natural beauties, is restricted to the number of visitors in the Petaloudes region, especially in certain periods of the year.  Petaloudes, also known as Butterfly Valley , is a well-preserved nature park. You can find the opportunity to watch the Turkish coasts from the Montesmith region. If you wish, you can also visit the Temple of Apollo in Montesmith.

Kamiros Ancient City, which should be seen while coming to Rhodes, is the smallest of the 3 ancient cities on the island. But Kamiros is better preserved than the other two ancient cities. The ancient city, which has the feature of shedding light on the period it is still in today  , can be expressed as one of the historical ruins of Rhodes worth seeing with its magnificent structure  . If you are one of those who want to discover a place outside the Turkish coasts of the Mediterranean and see new regions, you   can go to the island daily with Rhodes Ferry Expeditions .

  • Departure Places:  Fethiye-Rhodes: Ferry Movement: 08:30 (07:40 Meeting at Fethiye Harbor), xRodos-Fethiye: Ferry Movement: 17:00 (16:15 Meeting at Rhodes Port), Fethiye 07:15, Ölüdeniz 07 : 20, Hisarönü 07:25, Ovacık 07:30, Çalış 07:25, Likya Liberty Hotel 07:00, Letoonia Clup Hotel 07:30, Hillside Beach Clup Hotel 07:30, Majesty Tuana Club 07:00
  • Tour Days:  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,
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