Saklıkent Tour By Bus

Tour Duration: 8 Hours

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Saklıkent - Tlos - Yakapark Tour

Saklıkent Tour, You can find many alternatives in our country for a history trip intertwined with nature. Especially  around Fethiye and Antalya, you can take part in different tour organizations in this way. A trip plan can be made on the Kemer road with the features you are looking for. On the route that starts with Tlos  in this area  ,  there is a visit to Yakapark Çağlan where you can take a cold shower in the spring waters  . And finally, as a canyon where you can walk about two kilometers,  Saklıkent  will offer unforgettable moments to its visitors.

First Stop Tlos Ancient City - Saklıkent Tour

Located in the Seydikemer Yaka District, this ancient city is on the Unesco World Heritage Tentative list. The region is known as Lycia and is defined as a very old settlement area. There are steep slopes with a height of 500 meters in the area. The environment of the acropolis hill is completely protected naturally. The temple tombs carved into the rocks on the slopes while climbing to the castle in this area also attract a lot of attention. For the visitors of the ancient city, the monumental tomb in which Pegasus is depicted fighting the three-headed monster Chrimera is very interesting in this area. The decorations at the entrance of the grave chamber increase the interest in the building. In the ancient city, there are places such as seating rows, baths, stadiums, church ruins and theater. There is a six-arched door in the city. It can be seen in the Roman period walls to the south of this still standing gate. Passed through the Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman periods Tlos  is an important historical richness worth seeing with its Lycian rock tombs.

Second Stop  Spring Waterfalls

Yakapark Trout Farm  , which will make you feel relieved when you are tired of the heat of the day on the Saklıkent Tour,  is a unique resting place. In this area where the vast richness of nature and human labor are combined, you can experience unforgettable moments where bird sounds mix with the sound of water. Located at a distance of 2 km from the village of Yaka, this place is a place where you can relax in clean and cold waters by escaping the muggy air of summer days. You can have village breakfast in restaurants and taste delightful fish menus in trout restaurants. Listening to the sound of water at the oriental corner tables can be a ceremony that will relax your soul. In this area  , you can rest completely with the Yakapark tour  and store energy for the remaining stops of the trip.

Saklıkent Tour Third Stop A Hidden Paradise

You can do something different in Saklıkent  canyon, where sunlight cannot reach  . This area, which can be reached after 21 km from the turn in the direction of Kemer district, is 8 km from the ancient city. Before entering this area, there are many country clubs to the right and left of the road. The canyon is reached by passing through Kayadibi village. Vehicles are left in this area. Located on the border of Seydikemer, the canyon is exactly what it is when it is defined as a natural wonder. Its length is about 18 km and its height varies between 200-600 meters.

It can be seen that the rock gaps narrow down to 2 meters, especially at some points. It will be almost impossible to see the sky in these areas. When you enter the canyon, Eşen Stream welcomes you with an amazing sparkle. When you walk on a wooden ladder laid on an iron pier, you can reach the water source. The sofas built on ebullient waters are decorated with rugs of the region. You can taste delicious pancakes while your feet cool in ice-cold water. There are also trout menus. You can explore the canyon like this. In this area, you may encounter many different hidden paradise-like places. In this place, you can participate in rafting tours where you can experience the peace and excitement at the same time. This will provide unique pleasure and unforgettable moments for the visitors of the region. It is possible to walk two kilometers in the canyon.

You can spend a different and enjoyable day in three stops. You can continue your journey, which starts with history, with swimming, rest, and complete with nature.

  • The tour starts at 09:30 and ends at 17:30. An exciting activity awaits you on this day, where you will enjoy the sea in turquoise waters throughout the day. Guests from Fethiye will be picked up from their accommodation at 08:00 - 09:15. Guide, weather, road, social, natural, technical, etc. may make changes in the program due to compelling reasons.
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