Scuba Diving Tour Fethiye

Tour Duration: 8 Hours

Adult Price: 0 GBP

Children (5-12 Years): 0 GBP


Scuba Diving Tour Fethiye

It is a 2-dive program in which those who have just received their first diving certificate and / or have not dived for a long time will practice summary information repetition and some important skills, accompanied by an instructor or dive leader, before joining dive groups. When the boat moves to start the tour, our instructors advise our guests who will dive; Information will be given about the team, Equipment, Underwater Communication. The arrival time to the designated Dive Point is 1 hour. When the weather conditions are suitable; Bays with rich underwater plants and fish are preferred. The place you come from; In the turquoise depths of the FETHİYE region, the most favorable conditions have come together for the "first escape / dive" that opens the doors of a world full of glamorous riches: the water is warm and clear, the diving sites are safe and calm. After a half hour video show, With a short briefing, basic safety and underwater adaptation knowledge and skills are summarized by an instructor, and the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean are introduced. All the mysteries of the blue world will find the solution in this twenty-minute dive, accompanied by an expert instructor / dive leader, to a maximum of 5 meters ... Not to mention the "Test Diving Certificate" which will be given to you by our center that will immortalize your first dive and keep it for a lifetime ... they will dive twice. They will have a double pleasure at two different diving points ... When our boat arrives at the Diving Point, diving will be done with our Diving Instructors. This program includes an exercise dive with selections from the first day of the standard PADI Open Water Training and a second open water dive. Exercises you will do by an instructor after the video show, You explain basic safety and underwater adaptation knowledge and skills in full detail, and you repeat these skills in shallow water with an instructor. In our second dive, there is no skill repetition, we dive with pleasure in the company of our instructor and apply what we have learned. This is the PADI "DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING" certificate that will immortalize your "introduction to SCUBA training" course. After this short course, you can continue to the PADI Open Water Diver course and get your certificate, and then complete your training, where you can dive up to 18 meters.

Part 2 Program of the Tour:

The second Dive program is 35 minutes and descends to a depth of 10 meters.

On the return trip at the end of the day, the boat will be stopped in a suitable bay and our crew and guests; All together there will be a water fight jumping out of the cabin. Our return time to the port has been determined as 17:00.

Our guests who want to dive do not have to know how to swim.

  • Our participating guests; In a group of four (4) people, diving will be done in the company of 3 instructors.
  • The first dive time is 25 minutes, and a depth of 5 meters is reached.
  • Food Menu: Open Buffet Lunch is served at 13:00 after the first dives of the groups are completed.
  • Lunch, tea, cake-biscuit service
  • Diesel and gasoline
  • Crew service
  • Transit log and exit transactions
  • Port charges and taxes
  • Mooring fees
  • Free use of the DIVING EQUIPMENT on the yacht
  • Drinking water
  • Yacht insurance (We recommend that you take out your personal travel insurance.)
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are sold at the yacht bar.